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Hi Arlene, I have some really great news!

I did my presentation last Friday in front of approximately 60 + people. It was a wonderful success. I had a lot of very good feedback that I sounded strong, my voice projected, well prepared, well spoken and most importantly, my nerves were more relaxed because of your presentation techniques that I used. I received a huge compliment from my Director who is such an excellent public speaker!!! I just wanted to share this with you because it was your guidance and motivation that has helped me build my confidence. Thanks again for all your support!

Sheena Walton, Manager, Communications, Strategic Support, Scotiabank June 2012

Commercial Banking

"Arlene, thought you’d like to know that the evaluation I received from my latest speaking engagement was extremely positive and included: Excellent speaking voice, excellent tone and pacing, content was highly valuable, perfectly timed presentation, most polished speaker. I have been invited to participate in future programs with this prestigious business organization. 

Thank you for helping me get here.Your motivation, coaching and training has definitely given me the knowledge and confidence to speak in public again for which am extremely grateful. I am looking forward to my next assignment."

Director, Business & Operational Risk, Commercial Banking


Maritz Canada

"Arlene, I thought about you a lot last week as I watched our team present at a very large and important conference. They have come so far in how they perform in front of an audience. They are poised. They speak with authority. Their speech is crisp and delivered with strength. Most of all, they are filled with confidence. As part of the conference, I gave a speech at the annual awards dinner to over 600 people. I did everything you taught me to do ... all my exercises ... I had great material ... and the result was wonderful. Thank you, Arlene, for the (as we call it) ‘life changing skills’ you have taught us."

Robert Pearson, Vice President, Learning, Maritz Canada


Women’s Health In Women’s Hands

"Arlene, It's been a while since our last session but I just wanted to send a huge "Thank You" to you.  We had our 20th Anniversary gala last night and I had the honor of introducing one of the awardees.  It was my first speech in front of an audience of 200 people.  I was nervous but I just kept thinking of all the coaching and tips you provided in our sessions. I must say, I was phenomenal! I've never received so many compliments and I truly owe it to you.  Thanks for giving me the tools and confidence to pull it off!"

Lori Ann Green-Walker, Clinical Services Manager, Women’s Health In Women’s Hands


Brokerage firm

"Arlene is an excellent coach, both in terms of teaching her technique and in her ability to help people realize their fear of public speaking can definitely be overcome. My 800 pound gorilla has lost a lot of weight thanks to her. She remains my coach and fits into that camp of 'one of the good people' a person meets in a lifetime."

Investment Industry specialist

Canadian Tire Corporation

“Dear Arlene, all your coaching is really paying off. I had another big success presenting to one of our VPs and his entire division. I was calm, projected, pronounced clearly and received great feedback. I'm still working on all the exercises you taught me, but what a change! Thanks for everything."

Mark O'Gorman, Enterprise Data Architect, Enterprise Architecture

Herbal Magic

“Dear Arlene, You, and your course, Presenting for the Business Professional, are amazing! I used the breathing techniques as soon as I felt my heart fluttering (just prior to going on) and it totally helped. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually look forward to August, which is the next time I will be speaking in front of 100’s. I was really pumped right afterwards and I KNOW it had everything to do with the coaching you gave me. What a difference from my last presentation. I'm going to keep working on everything! Thank you so much!!! Words aren’t enough!!! You are such an inspiration."

Barb Botten, VP Marketing 

An investment association

“Hi Arlene, I thank you over and over again. Your coaching and techniques have made a tremendous difference in my public speaking skills. I had to shorten my recent 20 minute presentation to 10 minutes at the very last minute due to an earlier speaker running longer than scheduled. Before learning your techniques I would have panicked, but I was able to pick up the speed no problem, and also the energy; people really liked it. I did not even flip the first page of my notes! I realized that confidence as I stepped up to the podium ...I knew the content and I knew how to deliver it and I knew how to improvise. And it is all because of you! I wish you much success in coaching many more business people and would be happy to provide a reference to anyone."

Jean Chan, Senior Compliance Officer

Nestle Canada and Crayola

“Impactful, insightful and EFFECTIVE! Having worked with Arlene at Nestle Canada and Crayola, I know what a positive impact she can have with all levels of speakers - from novice to experienced. She helps speakers improve by presenting important coaching techniques and principles. She builds on each individual’s experience and confidence level to truly allow them to be their best. I look forward to my next opportunity to work with her.”

Keith Gillespie, Director Marketing

Craig Stephens Productions Inc.

"As a writer/producer in television and corporate communications, I routinely have to sell my ideas to a room full of people with a very tight clasp on their wallets. With typically thousands of dollars hanging on your presentation, it had better be powerful, confident and convincing. Enter Arlene Cohen. I've known Arlene as a professional colleague for years and worked closely with her on major projects for Fortune 500 companies. Her ability to impart the skills of a powerful presentation is truly remarkable. She's combined a number of fabulous techniques into one unique presentation strategy that can't help but make you a more dynamic individual, not just in business, but in all aspects of life. Take this course - it will change your life!"

Craig Stephens, Executive Producer

Arlene Cohen with Lloyd Bridges


"I've worked with many fine actors over the years, but none as inspiring as Lloyd Bridges, who at the age of 77 asked me to coach him, on set, while shooting a script I had written.

He was absolutely wonderful to work with and it made me realize, if Lloyd Bridges still needs a coach, we all do!

Mr. Bridges died in 1998, and this photo is one of my most cherished possessions."

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