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Arlene Cohen

Public Speaking Success Coach

Private Coaching, Art of Presentation Corporate Workshop, Presentation Skills Training

Hello, my name is Arlene Cohen.

I help companies improve sales and profit by improving the presentation skills and public speaking skills of their key people.

As a public speaking coach in Toronto, I coach individuals on how to nail that interview, land a promotion, or win a leadership position.

I empower Masters and PhD candidates to confidently defend a thesis or dissertation.

I also help people from all walks of life improve clarity and pronunciation of their speech.

I make it fun and promise you'll love the results of my public speaking course in Toronto.

Check out the website for affordable one to one private coaching or online sessions.

Remember, Roger Federer still has a coach.

Hear Arlene Cohen on CBC Radio (first 5 minutes of this program on public speaking).

“The brain is a wonderful thing. It starts working the minute you are born and never stops until you get up to speak in public.?/font>

?Mark Twain


“Great presenters aren’t born, they are PREPARED!?/font>

?Arlene Cohen

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