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"There are two types of presenters.
Those who are nervous, and those who are liars."
(Mark Twain)

Why are most people frightened to speak in front of a group? Because few of us are ever trained for the task. It is a skill, just like golf or tennis. Who would expect you to hit a golf or tennis ball without instruction or practice? Even Tiger Woods has a coach!

Why do you need ME as your presentation skills coach? I positively know that anyone can learn the fundamentals of speaking before a group and become a fantastic presenter. I will show you how, I will make it fun, and I promise you’ll love the results of this presentation skills training.


Presenting for the Business Professional

Meet and exceed business and career objectives. This course is for anyone who wants to sound their absolute best when speaking in front of others. Private sessions, 2 hours each, flexible scheduling.

Art of Presentation Corporate Workshop

2-6 hour interactive workshop focusing on the fundamentals: Breath Control, Relaxation, Clarity, Expression, Voice Work, Body Language, Content, Rehearsal Techniques. Individual assessment/feedback/coaching.

Private Coaching

One of the best investments you can make to advance your own career. Assessment and feedback.

Presenting for Students

Presenting for Students -- 6 hrsis my most popular presentation and communication skills course for teens in Toronto. It provides an excellent foundation on the key fundamentals with some 'coaching' time built in. We meet for three, 2hr sessions spaced a week or so apart. Scheduling is flexible. Subsequent session can then be scheduled on an as needed basis. Includes hard copy workbook plus Tips & Refresher CD

Presenting for Students -- 4hrs. is an accelerated version of my 6hr course. We meet for two, 2 hr sessions. The key fundamentals will be taught and reviewed and a practice schedule is included. All the exercises are easy to learn and self-practicing, so if you are highly motivated, this is a great way to get started and then book more sessions as desired.  Includes hard copy workbook plus Tips & Refresher CD 

The Blitz

The Blitz -- 3hrs - Noon to 3PM with a 15 minute break. (Scheduling is flexible).  The key fundamentals will be taught and some coaching w/your own material. Includes hard copy workbook plus Tips & Refresher CD).

Pronouncing Power

Voice Clarity and Accent Improvement techniques for ESL business professionals and university students looking for immediate and lasting results. One-on-one or group sessions.

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